Bella Fogal Rottweilers is a code of ethics breeder, specializing in training, showing, working, and selectively breeding world champion pedigree Rottweilers from Europe. We are located in the beautiful Spokane Valley in Washington state, but hand deliver all of our puppies for the safety and comfort of humans and dogs alike. Each one of our dogs is hand raised, lives in the home, and is an integral part of the family while focusing on health and happiness first and foremost. After all, it IS for the love of the dog.

About us

My name is Zeke Fogal, I am the proud owner and operator of Bella Fogal Rottweilers and the president of the Rottweiler Klub of Spokane. I am dedicated to carrying on the legendary breeding program and excellent reputation of multiple generations of Rottweilers that I have had in the world for many years. I purchased my first Rottweiler puppy almost 25 years ago, and since then enhancing the breed has become my biggest passion and hobby.

All of our dogs are shown, titled, health and temperament tested, while their puppies come with age appropriate vaccinations, veterinarian checks, club paperwork, a two year genetic health guarantee, a copy of the worldwide publication our dogs are in, and lifetime breeder support including training help. We are part of many clubs, including the AKC, UKC, ARC, USRC, RKNA, and the ADRK in Germany. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Casa Bella Fogal

Welcome to our home, a 6000 square foot Casa with plenty of room for humans and dogs alike. They have free run of the house, with gated quarters to maintain some control.

We have a 20 x 40 inground fiberglass heated pool, which the dogs love to use at their convenience. The courtyard is also great for puppies to safely explore and socialize.

Since we are located in the Pacific Northwest, there’s plenty of snow during the winter months, and of course the dogs absolutely love to play in it for hours on end.

Rottweilers love to be outside working and playing, our home sits perfectly in the middle of 6 acres, cross fenced for multiple groups to enjoy at the same time.

The property is full of entertainment from bunny and bird watching, to horses across the street, and indestructible tiger balls and tug toys galore.

All of our fencing is professionally safe and secured, while giving the dogs complete freedom to see all of their surroundings and feel included in every direction they look.

But because they are spoiled rotten Rottweilers, much of their time is also spent indoors. Lounging on couches, laying on beds, being an integral part of the family.

And of course being part of the family means in the living rooms, the kitchen, the game and billiard room, pretty much anywhere a dog would want to be included.

People ask me all the time, how do we do it with this many dogs in the home?! I always tell them the exact same thing: 24/7 cleaning, exercise, love, training, structure, then rinse and repeat from sun up to sun down. It’s definitely not for everyone but when you love it like I do it’s worth the work.

All of our dogs are socialized from birth around children, other dogs, and are included in all family functions. From get together’s to public outings, my immediate family including nephews, nieces, and friends all have important roles.

Not only is early stimulation important, it’s vital in creating well rounded dogs. Coffee shops, puppy playtime, early neurological stimulation exercises, all of this and more makes sure they get off to the right start.

Our past puppies

We know this is what most of you want to see, so let me give you what you came here for… Puppies. They’re always raised in the home, around daily activity, venturing out for early stimulation and socialization. As hard as it is to let them go, our amazing furever homes are why we do what we do. Take a minute, enjoy!

Our dogs

The foundation male to all of our own bloodlines, the one and only Kane Vom Fogal. Multi v rated, multi championed, and a local celebrity for his outgoing presence. A true ambassador of the breed, long live the king.

Without further ado, Bella Rose Vom Fogal, multi v rated, championed, and what I believe is the near perfect Rottweiler. From looks to temperament, this gorgeous lady has it all. The mama to our foundation, and the queen of the empire.

The handsome hoss, first born son to Kane and Bella, multi v rated, championed, Redrum Vom Fogal. Don’t let the size and structure of this big boy fool you, he’s the silliest, sweetest giant that loves to play and cuddle all day.

This beautiful girl is multi v rated, championed, Luna Vom Fogal, sister of Redrum and the first ever born girl to Kane and Bella. Quite possibly the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet, but knows when to turn it on and show off her athleticism.

This import boy is very special to me, with many of my all time favorite dogs in his pedigree. He’s known as multi v rated, championed, Ricky from the well respected Van Hof Ter Cammen family, the literal definition of breed standard.

One of the most powerful yet loving girls I’ve ever seen, our multi v rated, championed, import daughter Mercedes from the famous Neubrand and Anguinus lines. A force to be reckoned with when working and wanting love all the same.

If you want a mix of sugar and spice, this little firecracker is pure perfection. Multi v rated, championed, Athena is an import daughter of world champion Vitus Vom Hause Neubrand and Ricke Von Der Crossener Ranch. My little diva.

Another special Kane and Bella daughter from their second litter, let me introduce multi v rated, championed, Shung Vom Fogal. She loves to relax on the couch and cuddle, but can also spend all day on the go with unlimited energy. A real doll!

These beautiful spunky girls Zeusy and Queky are from our very last Luna litter, they’re in the process of obtaining titles and health tests. Talk about absolute stunners!

These gorgeous ladies are known as Momi and Que, Kane and Bella girls that were too special to let go. They’re waiting on health tests, definition of breed standard.

And last but not least, this very special boy named Saint is all about constant work, play, and love. It’s all he thinks about, which makes him a near perfect Rottweiler.

Awards and more

All of our dogs have done fabulous things from winning show titles to accomplishing BH/ZTP certifications, been featured in magazines and calendars, and have definitely earned the right to show off their quality looks, temperament, health, and happiness. I tell people I’m just the agent behind the scenes, the dogs are the true celebrities!

Thank you for visiting!